Province Lifts Majority of COVID-19 Restrictions

The Provincial Health Officer announced the easing of COVID-19 safety measures in BC effective February 17, 2022. While the written orders have not been released by the Province, we are issuing this bulletin based on information currently available. We may revise this bulletin once the orders are published.

As of midnight on February 16, the following activities may resume as long as the safety measures discussed below are followed:

  • No restrictions on indoor and outdoor personal gatherings
  • Full capacity allowed for:
    • Indoor and outdoor organized events
    • Indoor events at venues
    • Exercise and fitness, adult sports activities, tournaments and swimming pools
  • Full capacity and fewer restrictions in restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs:
    • No limits on table size
    • Normal liquor service hours
    • Customers don't have to remain seated
  • Dancing is allowed when wearing a mask indoors

The return to full capacity for indoor events, fitness and sports activities, tournaments and swimming pools applies to all municipal fitness facilities and in-person events and meetings.

Several core safety measures remain in place. Masks are still required in all indoor public settings. This includes the common areas of sport and fitness centres, but not when exercising. The B.C. vaccine card program is currently extended until June 30th, and proof of vaccination is will still be required to access many businesses, events and services. Businesses, including local government employers, must continue to have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. The Province intends to review these and other remaining restrictions and safety measures over the next two months.

Please consult us for further advice or information.

Carolyn MacEachern & James Barth

Download pdf: Province Lifts Majority of COVID-19 Restrictions

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