Newsletter Volume 26, Number 1

In this Issue:

Municipal Zoning Restrictions Apply to Moorage and Public Interest Special Cost Awards Limited - Barry Williamson
CPR Track in Arbutus Corridor - Ray Young
A Subdivision By Any Other Name - Elizabeth Anderson & Michael Moll
Approving Officers Entitled to Considerable Deference - Ray Young
Ex-employees breach of confidentiality triggers requirement for re-payment of settlement funds - Carolyn MacEachern
Official Mark or Trademark? How about both? - Joanna Track
Your local government is more musical than you realize: SOCAN and Re:Sound Tariffs - Christina Reed
Flood Hazard Area Land Use Management: Remember Section 910? - Bill Buholzer
My Friend, My Foe: Michigan Court Antics and the Case for Canadian Politeness - Gregg Cockrill
Look for your Lawyers

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