Newsletter Volume 30, Number 1

In this issue:

Wu v. Vancouver: When Making Permitting Decisions, Slow Doesn't Equal Negligent - Guy Patterson
Court Upholds Increased Fee for Building Permit Application Made After Construction Begins - Barry Williamson
A Tale of 2 Court Cases, and 3 Invalid Local Elections - Mike Quattrocchi
Scope of Family Status in Relation to Childcare Obligations Considered by BC Court of Appeal - Carolyn MacEachern
Bringing in the Big Guns: The Remedy for a Refusal to Return Personal Information - Ethan Plato
Yukon Goes Its Own Way Thanks to Exclusion of Liability Clause in Request for Proposal - Joe Scafe
Court Rejects Employer's Claim that Employee's Conduct After Notice of Dismissal Without Cause Gave It Grounds for Dismissal With Cause - Michelle Blendell
Court Finds Municipality Liable for Slip and Fall on Icy Sidewalk - Curtis Jones
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Expropriating Contaminated Land - Michael Moll
Miscellaneous Statutes: Did you Know? - Joe Scafe
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