Newsletter Volume 30, Number 2 - LGMA Conference Issue

In this LGMA Conference issue:

Beware of the Perils of Overspending: New Local Elections Campaign Financing Provisions Tested in Court - Ethan Plato & Reece Harding
Whale, Whale, Whale, What Have We Got Here? Court Finds Municipal Board Cannot Fetter its Bylaw Making Power Through a Licence Agreement - Inder Biring
Are You Ready for the Surging Sea - Kathleen Higgins
Payment after the Tax Sale Redemption Period: A Day Late Savings Time? - Michael Moll
Alert: Judicial Review of Municipal Procedure - Joe Scafe
Proposed Amendments to the Labour Code Receive First Reading in the BC Legislature - Michelle Blendell
BC Court of Appeal Upholds Strata Corporation's Power to Restrict Short-Term Rentals - Inder Biring
Miscellaneous Statutes: Did You Know? - Joe Scafe
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