Newsletter Volume 31, Number 1

In this issue:

BC Supreme Court Upholds New Westminster Renoviction Bylaw - Nick Falzon
Who, in Law, is "Government"? - Bill Buholzer
Drug Testing of Employees - Balancing Employee Privacy and Public Safety - Carolyn MacEachern
Housing Agreements: A Few Pointers - Guy Patterson
Read the Contract! - Joe Scafe & Prince Arora
Lawfully Constructed vs. Lawfully Non-Conforming - Steven Shergill
Do You Want to Build a Snow ... Removal Policy? - Amy O'Connor
Building Permit Restored after Unreasonable Cancellation - Jordan Adam
Inconsistent Enforcement does not Trigger a Duty to a Neighbour - Michael Moll
No Leave from the SCC for Big Local Government Cases - Inder Biring
No Such Thing as a Free Launch: City Must Pay for Event Planning Services Despite No Contract - Michael Moll
Miscellaneous Statutes: Did You Know? - Joe Scafe
Look for Your Lawyers

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