Newsletter Volume 33, Number 1

In this issue:

Let's Talk About Tax Sales - Michael Moll & Elizabeth Anderson
Recent Decisions on Employers COVID-19 Vaccination Policies - Carolyn MacEachern & James Barth
Worth the Effort? Requiring "Best", "Reasonable", and "Commercial" Efforts under Contract- Kathleen Higgins & James Barth
Can Societies Challenge Municipal Decisions? Guidance from Recent Caselaw- Nick Falzon & Julia Tikhonova
Land Owner Transparency Act Requirements and Deadlines for Pre-Existing Owners to File a Transparency Report - Kathleen Higgins & Alexandra Greenberg
Employment Required COVID-19 Testing: Who Must Pay? - Michelle Blendell
The Flood Gates Are Open - Drainage Control - Timothy Luk & Sarah Strukoff
Enforcement of the Architects Act - Sukh Manhas
Miscellaneous Statutes: Did You Know? - Joe Scafe
Look for your Lawyers

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