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BIG WIN at Supreme Court of Canada!

I am still basking in our big win at the Supreme Court of Canada which established that access to the justice and the courts is a constitutionally protected right in Canada. More specifically, the Court agreed with our submissions that the hearing fees in British Columbia are an unconstitutional barrier for not just the truly poor, but also the majority of litigants who are of modest or middle income, and are particularly a barrier for women, and others, who are disproportionately less able to pay them. I am particularly proud of Young Anderson for supporting this case on a pro bono basis all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of the intervenor West Coast LEAF. This was a ground breaking case for access to justice, the independence of the courts, and constitutional law more generally, and a real honour to argue at the BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. It is another in a series of significant Supreme Court of Canada cases where Young Anderson lawyers have played a significant role.

Francesca Marzari

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