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Bill Buholzer to become Associate Counsel on July 1, 2019

After 28 years of practicing local government and land use planning law at Young, Anderson, Bill has decided to retire from the firm’s partnership and the full-time practice of law on June 30, 2019.

Bill came to the practice of law as a second career, having first put his masters degree in community and regional planning to work in rural, city, and regional planning in Alberta and British Columbia. Bill joined the firm as an associate lawyer in 1991. The firm’s partners quickly recognized Bill’s significant value to the firm’s clients, and as a colleague and a friend, and invited him to join the partnership in 1996.

Over the years, Bill’s keen interest and deep experience in land use planning issues have proven to be invaluable assets, including through his thoughtful and practical legal advice to firm’s clients and his commitment as a mentor to colleagues at the firm. Bill has also played a significant role in the growth and education of countless local government officers and employees, and members of the legal profession, through his ongoing commitment to providing educational seminars and workshops for the LGMA, the PIBC and the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. Bill’s books, “British Columbia Planning Law and Practice” and “Local Government: A British Columbia Legal Handbook” are considered essential resources for lawyers and others working with local government.

As June 30th approaches, Bill and the partners will be working towards the orderly transition of his ongoing workload to the appropriate lawyers at the firm. As a local government law firm, all but one of the firm’s partners practice land use planning law, as do several of the firm’s associates, including two who have planning degrees.

At a personal level, come July 1st, we will miss experiencing Bill’s collegiality and friendship on a daily basis. Whether it was one of us visiting Bill in his office, or a visit from him to one of our offices, to discuss a legal issue, or a personal chat over a coffee or sandwich (or, on occasion, a glass of wine), we have all greatly enjoyed working with Bill.

On behalf of all of us at the firm, we wish Bill all the best upon his retirement. It is well deserved.

With all that said, we are delighted that Bill will be maintaining an ongoing relationship with the firm as associate counsel commencing on July 1st, for limited client work and mentoring of associate lawyers.

Download pdf: Bill Buholzer to become Associate Counsel on July 1, 2019

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