Transition to the B.C. Building Code 2012

The new B.C. Building Code was brought into force by B.C. Reg. 264/2012 effective December 20, 2012.

There are transitional provisions in the Regulation dealing with the application of the new Code to existing applications. Under the Regulation, the B.C. Building Code 2006 continues to apply to the construction and alteration of a building for which a building permit application was made before December 20, 2012, if the permit is issued and construction or alteration work commences and continues to completion without interruption apart from work stoppages considered reasonable in the building industry. If the permit is not issued, or if the permit is issued but construction does not commence, or construction commences but is interrupted for a lengthy period of time, the construction or alteration will have to comply with the B.C. Building Code 2012.

Download pdf: Transition to the B.C. Building Code 2012

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