21st Century Works & Services Bylaw

During the last few years, our firm has had the opportunity to review and draft either replacements or revisions to numerous local “subdivision servicing” bylaws. Generally speaking, the effect of our work has been to reduce the length of the “front end” of these bylaws, sometimes dramatically, a process that has often required us to provide lengthy explanations as to why time-honoured bylaw content is being removed. In some cases, where servicing standards have not historically been included in the bylaw but have resided in technical “manuals” and “supplements”, our efforts have lengthened the bylaw considerably. Because in their basic elements these bylaws don’t vary a great deal from one jurisdiction to another, we thought it would be useful to provide some general observations about what these bylaws are, and are not, supposed to cover. We begin with a review of where the historical content of these bylaws originated.

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