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All You Need to Know About Parks

When strolling through a beautiful BC park on a Sunday walk, one frequently ponders the nature of the park, articulating fascinating and existential questions into the forest mists. Who owns this beautiful place? Where did it come from? Why is a bylaw that has received the approval of the electors required in order for municipal council to cancel the dedication of this park and sell it to a corporate interest for redevelopment purposes?

Passersby stare, but you continue to wander along a winding, dirt trail, only to observe someone barbecuing on the edge of the park, having seemingly extended their wonderfully landscaped yard into what is surely parkland. How did this happen? This is my parkā€¦or is it?

These thoughts tend to leave a person unsettled. Sleepless nights ensue. How can one go on without the answers to such questions, so profound?

Look no further. This paper provides the answers you seek, exploring the legal nature of parks, how parks may be used, illegal tree removal, camping in parks and more.

Of course, the reader is advised that this paper is intended to be used for relaxation purposes only, to assist in achieving personal enlightenment, having been written by one or more espresso infused Young, Anderson lawyers. In the event of an actual legal issue concerning a park, it is important to obtain calm, considered legal advice.

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